Exclusive Car Wraps

An increasing number of businesses are utilizing custom graphics and wraps with their commercial vehicles to facilitate an outstanding impression on customers and set themselves apart from competitors. The wraps are not only complexly designed, but also incredibly eye catching.

Though car wraps are designed in a way which will fit the body of a wide variety of cars, applying the wrap can be a somewhat time consuming task. There are two kinds of installation: wet and dry. The wet installation method requires the car to be wet before pasting the wrap on the body of the car. The dry installation is performed on a dry surface. During application, the wrap must be kept as flat as possible without being pencil car wrappulled. Pulling it can lead to weak points where it might tear later. Next, air bubbles on the wrap’s surface are smoothed out with a squeegee or, should it be absolutely necessary, a needle or pin of some kind. If windows are wrapped, the wrap around them is carefully cut away while ensuring the cuts are not too deep and wind up scratching the paint off the car.

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